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It would become the most powerful empire in the area and rule for 700 years. After World War I, the Ottoman Empire collapsed. However, Turkish war hero Mustafa Kemal founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923. He became known as Ataturk, which means father of the Turks.


  • St Sophia Museum
  • The Blue Mosque
  • Ancient cavechurches


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Terms and Conditions

  1. All Passengers must carry valid passport
  2. Rates Valid for Bangladeshi Passport Holder Only
  3. Vehicle will be as per schedule itinerary, not at disposable
  4. Any Additional expenses incurred due to Flight Cancel or Delay, natural disaster
  5. All Rates & bookings subject to availability and Rates are subject to change
  6. Tour confirmation only on receipt of full payment, this Quotation does not guarantee any accommodation or Air Ticket availability
  7. In Case of exceptional circumstances where in we are not in position to provide Hotel mentioned, shall offer similar Hotel
  8. Visit to all Museums in program are subject to their remaining open on day of visit as per rules of competent authority
  9. All expenses which are not included in the cost of package shall be paid directly by tourist at the time of checkout
  10. Single Pax traveling surcharge applicable

Cancellation Policy

  • Before 30 days prior to the arrival date will be no charge
  • Before 15 days prior to the arrival date will be charge for 30% of the master bill
  • Before 07 days prior to the arrival date will be charged 40% of the master bill
  • Before 03 days prior to the arrival date will be charged 60% of the master bill
  • Before 02 days prior to the arrival date will be charged 70% of the master bill
  • Cancellation made in less than 24 hours before the start, 90% of the tour fee will be charged.

Helpful pre-trip information


Most hotels throughout Turkey have internet installed and they open it up for use by customers. The password can be obtained from reception. You should always check whether there is a charge before using it. Otherwise, in most of the busy cities and towns, there are internet cafes.
In general terms, you need to be alert to pickpockets and petty theft. However, levels of this kind of crime against tourists are far lower than in many European and North American cities. The risk of terrorist attack is probably similar to that in London or New York – generally very low. Turkey is a friendly country which has not been not affected by the Arab uprising. It is also very big. Many destinations in Turkey are far away from the border with Syria. For example, it is over 1550km from Istanbul to the Syrian border. We do recommend staying away from the border areas of Syria south of Antakya. There are many refugees in this area, and there is some tension. At this stage it seems completely safe, but we continue to watch for volatility. On the other hand, the Syrian border areas near Harran and Sanliurfa appear completely unaffected by the situation in Syria. We would also recommend avoiding the entire border area with Iraq, especially south of Hakkari. You should carry your passport or a photocopy of your passport with you at all times, and show it to police who ask for it (though this is likely to be very rare, unless travelling in the south east.) Roads in rural and regional Turkey are generally very good, and driving conditions are fine. Drivers are advised to always be on alert for small trucks overtaking in inappropriate circumstances. In Istanbul, driving conditions can be quite difficult and traffic can be very heavy, so it is not recommended except for drivers experienced with large cities. In general, when you come to Turkey, you will find a welcoming country with extremely warm, hospitable locals.